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How do I sell through the Market?

If you are interested in selling though the market, Click here to create an account. Make sure to specify that you are a farmer! This will add you to our system and our market managers will contact you with the next step. Like at a traditional farmers’ market, you do get to set your own prices and list your items as you wish. Contact the manager at contact@monroefarmmarket.com or call 757-749-2730 for more information. Our mailing address is:

Greenbrier Valley Grown Food Hub, c/o Monroe Farm Market, P. O. Box 21, Greenville, WV 24945

What Can I Sell?

Raw Agricultural Products: This category includes fruits, vegetables grains, herbs, flowers, bedding plants and potted plants. Bedding plants and potted plants must be grown from seed, plug, cutting, or bare root by the seller. No resale of pre-finished plants is allowed. All products must be grown or produced within Monroe County or an adjacent county of West Virginia or Virginia.

Meat and other Animal Products: Includes meats, poultry, dairy products, fish, and honey. All products must be raised, processed, labeled, and sold following all applicable federal, state or local regulations and inspections. Meats and animal products must be from animals from a traceable, known source and produced in the local region as defined by MFM above.

Egg Sales: Eggs must come from poultry produced in the local region as defined by MFM and be under the immediate care or control of the selling farm. A small egg producer is any person marketing 150 dozen eggs or less per week of his/her own production. As a small producer you must register with the WVDA and follow all WVDA requirement.

Value-added Agricultural Products: This category includes products made of raw agricultural products grown by the seller that have been processed and whose sale a government agency regulates.

Baked Goods products will include a significant proportion of ingredients produced on the vendors own property, exclusive of flour, shortening and sugar. Where there is no integral product (ie: bread, bagels, cake) or such cannot be produced locally, (ie: chocolate, spices, bananas, citrus) the labor of the vendor shall be accepted as satisfying the vendor contribution to the product.

Other Edible Products shall include Jams, Jellies, Candy, Syrups, Fruit Butters, and any other food product allowed by WVDHHR for sale at farmers markets. Products will include a significant proportion of ingredients produced on the vendors own property. Where there is no integral product or such cannot be produced locally, (ie: chocolate, spices) the labor of the vendor shall be accepted as satisfying the vendor contribution to the product.

Non-Food Value Added Products shall include all other products whose origin lies primarily in agricultural material produced on vendors’ farms and which are not intended for consumption by humans as food. This includes animal products such as animal by-products used as pet food, prepared pet foods, vegetable or animal formulations intended and sold as cosmetic preparations, and soap. A significant portion of the products ingredients must be sourced from farm products.

Wool, Leather, Pelts and Other Products Derived from Animals: Wool and pelts must be from the farmer/grower’s own animals, but may be carded and cleaned off-farm. Wool/yarn must be spun by the farmer/grower. No more than 25% of exotic, out of region, fibers may be added to the yarn during processing and spinning. For products made with the farmer/grower’s wool, including blankets, socks, mittens, scarves and caps, upon request the farmer/grower must provide information on any processor that is involved in making these products (ie: where are the blankets being made?)

Arts and Crafts: Although MFM is established for the sale of farm products, limited handmade (by the farmer/producer) arts and crafts that pass the approval of the Market Coordinator may also be sold. For special events planned by the Executive Committee and Market Coordinator, guest artisans may be invited to participate with their approved items.

Rules and Regulations

MFM is comprised of member farmers living within Monroe County, WV or in the surrounding region of West Virginia or Virginia (Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Mercer, Summers, Giles, Craig & Allegheny counties). Membership requests of any vendors growing products outside this area must be approved by the management team.

Products sold through MFM must follow the requirements set forth by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR) Farmers Market Vendor Guide.

MFM expects members to truthfully represent their products and agricultural practices in written materials and when questioned by customers. (ie: are you an organic grower?) In order to establish consistency, definitions of language used will be based on The Farmers Market Coalition’s Glossary of Terms -- available here.

MFM operates an online market, at www.monroefarmmarket.org with multiple aggregation sites throughout the region.

MFM has established a series of rules and regulations that guide members in understanding what their responsibilities are as a market member. Understanding and complying with these guidelines creates a market that operates smoothly and efficiently so that all participants may benefit.

Click here for the full MFM Rules and Regulations
Click Here for MFM Constitution and By-Laws
Click here for MFM Member Requirements