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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or call:
Doug Koenig at 304-661-8766/304-772-3003.

For routine questions, email is preferred over a phone call.

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The Board and Structure

The Executive Board of Monroe Farm Market Cooperative is comprised of 7 members, the market manager and an advisory member.

President - Dirk McCormick
Vice President - Mike Moran
Treasurer - Sharon Sluss
Secretary - Susan Bowman-Heath
Dan Copeland
Carrie Hancock
Quincy McMichael
Market Manager - Douglas Koenig
Advisory - Brian Wickline , WVU Extension Agent, Monroe County
The board meets every other Monday, 12 months a year and is 90% producer based. Board members are nominated for and voted in by producer members during the annual meeting in January of the new year. Positions are rotated on a two year basis, and not all positions on the same schedule.

Are you interested in volunteering?

Come be a part of the local foods movement and share your passion for your community with us! To find out more about volunteer and community service opportunities email: or call 304-661-8766 with inquiries.